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  • Amy Bee

Take Good Care

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

We danced to the band and you spun me around in your arms

We were there all alone, even though there was a crowd

My heart was racing because every time you looked in my eyes

Everything went hazy, I saw every star in the sky

With music and passion, and you with your old-fashioned ways

We’d fallen in love and knew that it wasn’t a phase

It wasn’t long before you found the key to my heart

And life was so good, nothing could keep us apart

We talked about love and we talked about life

You told me the angels would stand by our side

We laughed and we sang and we whispered the words

A new song we wrote, nobody had heard

And we poured out our hearts right from the start

No truths were untold, no time spent apart

Twin souls we know, the world we would show

How love can be, how love should be…

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