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Amy has been writing songs since she was fifteen and recorded her first EP at seventeen years old. She went to Brunel University to study Music Performance & Technology and has been singing, songwriting, recording and performing throughout the years. Amy has worked closely with long-term friend, musician, songwriter and producer Marcus Dolan, and has co-written songs with her husband and fellow musician Barry Short. In the last two years, she has also collaborated with her daughter Grace, a young and talented singer songwriter.

In 2015 Amy had 3 songs that successfully reached the semi-finals in the UK Songwriting Contest.


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It's on the news
It's in the papers if you think it's true
An edited version
Of stories for me and you

Let go of all the demons
That haunt us in our sleep
Forgetting all the memories
That we don't need to keep
And I'd like to rise above the waves
And speak to you
But getting on my soapbox
Isn't quite the thing I do
What will it take
For you to open your eyes

Because everyone is waking up

They have freedom in their eyes
This is beautiful chaos

This is beautiful chaos where the power falls from above, this is beautiful chaos, you can run and you can fall in love...


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